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Kouzi Productions

Kouzi Productions

Established in 2015 by Dimitra Kouzi, the company collaborates with producers, festivals, and distributors, including IDFA, Prix Europa, Vision du Reel, Institute of Documentary Film Prague, KineDok, and educational organisations, such as the Balkan Documentary Centre, Rough Cut Boutique (audience development for films at a development stage or in postproduction).

Filmography (selection)

  • Short film about the pupil exchange between the German School of Athens and the Distomo Lyceum. Commissioned by the German School of Athens, the film explores the common WW2 experience in relation to the rise of far-right extremism in Europe today (in postproduction). Director: Dimitra Kouzi
  • Good Morning Mr Fotis 2019, 70ʹ, feature-length documentary. Director: Dimitra Kouzi.
    Dimitra Kouzi’s debut as a director/producer, the film won the 2019 Greek Film Centre Award for Docs in Progress in Thessaloniki. Premiere: Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, March 2020.

Αudience development (selection):

  • La Chana, dir. Lucija Stojevic
    Audience Developer for the premiere at IDFA – winner IDFA Audience Award 2016
  • Nowhere to Hide, dir. Zaradasht Ahmed
    Audience Developer for the premiere at IDFA –– winner Best Feature-length Documentary Award IDFA 2016

Communion, dir. Anna Zamecka
Communication strategist for EFA Awards – winner European Film Award for Best Documentary (EFA) 2017

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